We are Media Muster.

We create high value, low cost media events that effectively get your message out to the world.

Who we are.

Regardless of the industry, getting quality media outlets introduced to your products and brand is essential to the success of your company. There are many ways to do this but nothing compare to having media come to you and experience your product, and your companies culture first hand. When hosting a media event you want to create the most positive and memorable experience for everyone involved and this can be tough to do on a limited budget. Our Media Muster gives manufactures the opportunity to host a high budget media event to showcase their products while sharing the cost with other companies in the area

Mike Semanoff

PR / Marketing Director

How we work.

Ready Once you decide to host a media event for your brand, we work hand in hand with you and your team to develop a plan that will showcase your products and brand in the best possible light. Every product and brand need to be presented in a way that maximizes the limited time and resources of the attending media, while ensuring the entire range of features and capabilities are on full display.

Set After we develop a, event theme that showcases your full capabilities, we get to work inviting top tier content producers, find supporting brands to offset costs, schedule venues, hotels, and book flights. It goes without saying that Strategically selecting industry media, that have a track record of producing high quality content is key to a successful event. All media is vetted with all brands involved in our events.

Go On the day of the event, your staff can relax and focus on effectively presenting the details of your products and brand. We handle all the logistics like airport and hotel pickups, meals, transportation, schedule, and flow of communication. We have close relationships will all media that are invited and can ensure they have all of the needed information and content needed to create the coverage of what we are presenting to them.

The Big Picture

Set A Budget Media events can be executed within just about any budget. The budget is set largely on the number of writers in attendance, the location, and the overall theme of the experience we’re creating. The key to having a low cost, high quality event is to have several synergistic partners that hold an equal stake in experience. Smaller supporting partners can help cover some of the gaps in the overall budget. In general a well rounded event with 10 writers will have an overall budget between $15k - $20k. This covers flights, hotels, meal, ammo, car rental, and other logistical costs. Spread this over a couple partners and everyone is into a fall feature media event for $5k. Well within anyone’s budget.

Shared Cost The key to keeping the overall cost down for an individual company is in synergistic partnerships. We all have strong relationships with other industry vendors that have products that complement each other. Pulling these synergistic brands together creates an event where affiliated brands come together and amplify the media experience. These partnerships create more value for writers that have limited time, by providing several article opportunities for the same time commitment.

Inviting Media Selecting writers that that have personal interest in your particular segment of the industry drastically increases the quality of your exposure. If you products are centered on precision rifles, then it would make sense to invite writers that specialize in that. Every sector of the industry has a group of high quality writers that are well versed in that segment. The key is making sure the top writers in your sector get the invite and your event is interesting enough for them to commit their time to it. All media are vetting through the companies hosting the event to ensure anyone with a negative bias is left out. We call this our “Black List” and every company has one or 2 individuals on it.

Coverage Coverage can never be guaranteed. What we can guarantee is, your company and product will be showcased in the highest light, in front of the top writers in your industry. With that said all writers coming to the event know they are expected to create content centered on the products we present them. There are limited occasions where a feature is slated for publication and it gets pulled out at the last minute, or the publication can be delayed for a few months. It is very unusual to not get coverage after an event but once in a while circumstances stack against an individual writer and publication slips by.